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How Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves Homeowners Money

As the weather starts to warm up in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, you may notice an increase in your energy bills. That’s because the hotter it is outside, the harder your system will need to work to cool your home. Find out why air conditioning maintenance is the best way to lower your cooling costs this summer.

Lower Energy Bills

Poor cooling efficiency is one of the main causes for increased energy bills. That’s because issues like loose components in your system, a clogged air filter or dirty ductwork can lead to your AC working harder than it should and wasting energy when cooling your home.

AC maintenance is a perfect solution for all of these issues. During your visit, an expert technician will check and adjust every part of your system to ensure it’s ready to cool your home efficiently, which will result in lower energy bills.

Avoid Costly Repairs

HVAC units work hard year-round to keep your family comfortable. It’s normal that after some time, your system will start to experience signs of wear and tear. As small as these signs may be, they can turn into costly repairs in no time if the issues aren’t repaired promptly.

During air conditioning maintenance, a trained HVAC technician will look for signs of damage and fix any issues. This helps avoid costly repairs and even a complete system breakdown in the future.

Extend Your System’s Lifespan

Without proper maintenance, your system can contain dirty components, parts that aren’t aligned properly and others that are already worn out. All of these can shorten the lifespan of your unit. Annual AC maintenance will help keep your system working efficiently, hence extending its lifespan.

At Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc., we offer different air conditioning maintenance plans to help you save money and keep your family comfortable in every season. Learn more about annual AC maintenance by contacting our experts today.

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