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3 HVAC Repairs That a Professional Should Handle

The HVAC system in your Bethel Park home is a prime investment. Filter replacement costs less than HVAC repair, and you can easily do it yourself. But there are some repairs that require extensive work. Here are the following HVAC repairs that should be handled by an HVAC technician:

1. Leaks and Puddles

Puddles around your HVAC system can be caused by a clogged condensation drain. When moisture from your HVAC can’t drain out, it backs up into the system. The backup can cause ceiling leaks, damage your drywall and create an electrical hazard. Puddles around your air conditioner can also indicate a refrigerant leak. These leaks can be dangerous. Running your AC with leaking refrigerant can severely damage your equipment.

2. Weak Airflow and Lukewarm Air

Reduced airflow and lukewarm air can also be caused by a refrigerant leak. If that’s not the issue, poor airflow can result from a blockage somewhere in the system. If you haven’t had HVAC services lately, the unit might be covered with dirt that restricts airflow. You might also have a layer of grunge in your ductwork. Airflow problems make HVAC equipment overwork. The excess wear and tear can shorten system lifespan while increasing utility bills.

3. Alarming Noises and Foul Odors

If you smell something musty, you may have mold growing somewhere in your HVAC system. Mold can send out spores that grow in other areas of your home. If you smell something burning or hear clicking noises, there might be electrical issues. Banging and thumping suggest a loose part. Squealing and screeching can be caused by a bad belt.

At Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc., we can prevent up to 95 percent of potential HVAC repairs with our annual HVAC maintenance plans. Call us today to learn more about the HVAC services we offer.

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