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HVAC Thermostat

Worst Spots to Position Your HVAC Thermostat

A thermostat acts as a communication channel between your HVAC system and yourself. Your thermostat’s location has a significant influence on your temperature regulation needs. Here are the areas of your Upper St. Clair, PA, house where you shouldn’t install your HVAC thermostat:

In Direct Sunlight

A thermostat reads the indoor temperatures and prompts the HVAC system to run temperature regulation cycles to bring the indoor temperatures to your preferred level. When you place your HVAC thermostat in an area where it comes in direct contact with sunlight, the device will read higher temperatures than the rest of the house.

Consequently, it’ll prompt your HVAC system to run for a longer time than necessary. This will cause your energy bill to shoot up. The wear and tear of your system’s parts will also increase, raising your overall repair costs.

Near a Vent

Vents release the air from the HVAC system into your house. This air’s temperature is different from the rest of the house. For instance, if you need your HVAC system to cool your home, the air from the vents will be cooler than that in the rest of the house.

Therefore, your thermostat will prompt your HVAC system to reduce operations since it detects cooler temperatures than the rest of the house. As a result, you may not enjoy the indoor comfort you desire.

Near Windows and Doors

You may allow air from outside to enter when you open your windows and door. The outdoor air may also enter through tiny cracks in these structures.

The outdoor air has different temperatures from the rest of the house. The incoming air will confuse your thermostat and cause it to send inaccurate instructions to your HVAC system.

Near Your Kitchen

There may be several heat-generating appliances in your kitchen. The area near your kitchen has higher temperatures than other places in your home. This means your HVAC thermostat will regulate your house’s temperatures with reference to the temperatures near your kitchen.

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