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Why Won’t My Bethel, PA, Furnace Ignite?

Furnaces are prone to occasional maintenance problems such as failure to ignite. Here are a few reasons your furnace isn’t igniting in your Bethel Park, PA home.

Gas Supply Problems

Insufficient or lack of gas supply to your furnace may cause ignition issues. This is due to various problems, including leakages in the gas supply valve, a faulty valve and supply line blockage. Having a professional service technician to troubleshoot your system can help to identify and fix the problem.

Air Filters

Furnaces produce heat by burning a mixture of air and natural or LP gas, and a blockage in the flow of air may result in ignition problems. Dirty or clogged air filters may restrict the proper airflow required by the furnace ignitor. Replacing air filters regularly will ensure that sufficient air is flowing through the system to ignite your furnace.


Your furnace may fail to ignite due to a faulty thermostat. The thermostat regulates the furnace heating, and incorrect readings may cause ignition problems. Programming your thermostat accurately or replacing your thermostat will help solve this problem.

Ignitor Sensor

The ignitor uses an electric current and filament to start up the furnace. A dirty, faulty or damaged ignitor may cause ignition troubles with your system. Cleaning the ignitor from carbon buildup or replacing it will ensure your furnace ignites properly.

The flame sensor is an essential component of the furnace that ignites and maintains the flame within the surface. A buildup of particles and materials in the system’s confined area may result in the sensor failing to ignite. Having your sensor cleaned by a qualified service technician will ensure that your system ignites like it should.

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