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Furnace Maintenance

Why Schedule Furnace Maintenance ASAP!

Do you operate a furnace to heat your Bethel Park, PA, home? Having a professional check and clean it before the cold weather arrives is vital. We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance as early in the fall as possible.

Prevent Costly Furnace Breakdowns

A minor heating repair in the fall is better than a major heating repair in the winter. When you schedule furnace maintenance, we’ll check, clean and test all of your system’s components for proper functionality. If we find something wrong, we’ll recommend the best solution. We can perform most heating repairs on the spot.

Protect Your Family’s Safety

Gas- and oil-burning furnaces produce carbon monoxide. A neglected furnace can produce dangerous levels that can pose a threat to your family’s safety. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, killing hundreds of people yearly and making thousands more sick. That’s why we include a free carbon monoxide test with every furnace check and clean.

Save Energy and Money

A dirty heating system works harder to heat a home. Scheduling annual maintenance helps your furnace operate as efficiently as possible. You won’t know if your heating system has rust, corrosion, blockages or leaks until it’s too late. Don’t risk higher heating bills and expensive repairs; schedule furnace maintenance in the early fall.

Beat the Winter Rush

Scheduling furnace maintenance in the early fall helps you beat the winter rush when the weather becomes colder. October and November are usually the busiest times for furnace cleans and checks, with appointment slots filling fast.

Your furnace requires maintenance to function as designed. Scheduling furnace maintenance will help you minimize heating costs, prevent costly breakdowns and keep your family feeling comfortable. While you can and should change your furnace’s filter regularly, leave all other tasks to a trained professional. Contact Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. today to ensure your heating system is ready to battle the winter temperatures.

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