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Couple Wrapped In Blanket With Broken Ductless Heat

Why Did My Upper St. Clair, PA Ductless Mini-Split Stop Working?

Ductless mini-splits are efficient, cost-effective and reliable temperature control systems when properly maintained. However, like any other appliance, your ductless mini-split may experience technical difficulties from time to time. Here are three common problems with ductless mini-splits and how to fix them in Upper St. Clair, PA.

Ice Formation on Coils

If you notice that your mini-split is blowing out air but not heating your home, you should check the coils and see if there is ice buildup. The coils are responsible for removing heat from the refrigerant. Insufficient refrigerant levels or dirty coils commonly cause ice formation.

To solve this problem, you should start by turning off the unit to allow the ice to melt. Remove the ice gently and wipe the coils using a dry cloth before connecting the system back to the power source.

Communication Issues

Proper communication enables your system to function properly. Improper wiring in your system may result in inconsistent command, a poor signal and miscommunication between the system and remote. To solve this problem, ask an HVAC technician to check the electrical codes and tell you whether you are using proper communication wires.

A ductless mini-split communicates properly using a 14-gauge or 18-gauge 4-conductor wire. A professional electrician can advise you on the correct wire to use. They will also inspect your system for loose connections.

The System Won’t Start

Your mini-split may fail to turn on due to various reasons, including operational error. You should double-check if it’s set to cool or heat, as incorrect settings cause most mini-split problems.

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