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sheet metal being cut with a thermal laser cutter

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication and Why Is It Important in McMurry, PA?

McMurry, PA, residents understand the importance of sheet metal fabrication. The use of metal fabrication dates back to 4000 BC when the Egyptians made jewelry. Keep reading to learn more about it.

An Explanation of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal sheets can take on the form of many different shapes; for instance, we use sheet metal fabrication to make custom-built air ducts. The forming of these shapes constitutes fabrication. Various manufacturing methods accomplish this.

Medical Fabrication Process Types

CAD engineering is part of the sheet metal fabrication process. It supports several different types, all of which serve an important purpose. These types include thermal and mechanical cutting as well as punching, bending, assembling and powder coating.

Thermal & Mechanical Cutting

Thermal, otherwise known as laser cutting, is the technique most often used. This produces a higher quality product than any other type. However, it is not ideal for thicker materials, which generally call for plasma cutting instead.

Mechanical cutting, also known as shearing, involves fabricating sheet metal in a way that doesn’t melt or burn it. This is the technique that is most like cutting a particular material using a pair of scissors.

The process of mechanical cutting uses a punch to press the material, so it lies against the blade of the machine. This is how to achieve shearing.

Punching, Bending & Assembling

Punching holes in a sheet of metal is another commonly used technique. The sheet becomes perforated during the process. Since different cuts require the use of different tools, punching is generally only used for large-scale jobs.

Press brakes fold sheets of metal and mold them into shape. Since bending has many limitations, assembling is sometimes used instead. This results in fabricated products.

If you need sheet metal fabrication services performed in McMurry, be sure to make an appointment with Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. We can perform jobs of any size.

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