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Poor Sleep Quality

3 Ways Your HVAC System in McMurray, PA, Affects Sleep Quality

In the long term, lack of sleep can cause headaches, heart problems, reduced concentration, obesity and reduced immune function. Your air conditioner is one appliance in your McMurray, PA, home that can deny you quality rest. Let’s discuss how an AC system affects sleep.

Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures

It can be difficult to get quality sleep when your home is too hot. An AC system helps to create a conducive environment by maintaining a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy your sleep.

However, underlying problems may reduce the AC system’s ability to cool your house to your liking. These issues include ductwork leaks, refrigerant leaks, a dirty outdoor unit, an improperly sized system or a clogged air filter. Request a service technician to fix these problems to enable the air conditioner to cool your home efficiently.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dust, dander and fur circulating in your indoor air cause irritations such as sneezing, watery eyes, throat irritations and running nose. If your AC system cannot remove these pollutants from your indoor air, it can be difficult for you to enjoy quality sleep. Replace your air filter regularly to improve your AC system’s ability to clean your indoor air.

Disturbing Noises

Most people enjoy sleeping in a quiet environment. If your AC system has faulty components, they may produce loud and disturbing noises that can interrupt your sleep.

Some common noises include banging, hissing, buzzing, bubbling and rattling. Schedule AC repair services to eliminate the underlying problems causing these noises.

Addressing the problems reducing your AC system’s efficiency enables the system to create a conducive environment in which your family can get plenty of restful sleep. Call the air conditioning experts at Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. when your AC system malfunctions. We have the knowledge, tools, experience and team to handle any air conditioning issue.

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