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Schedule Spring Maintenance to Avoid These Common HVAC Issues

Spring is here in Whitehall, PA, marking a change to warmer days. It’s a great time to consider HVAC maintenance to get your system ready for the hot days ahead. Let’s take a look at some common HVAC issues you can avoid by scheduling a maintenance call this spring.

Higher Utility and Repair Bills

Your HVAC system functions better when it is clean and properly maintained. Dust and debris on the fan motor, condenser coils and evaporator coils reduce airflow through the system, reducing overall system efficiency. Reduced airflow means your system has to work harder to move the air required for proper heating and cooling, resulting in rising utility bills.

Paying more for energy isn’t the only financial impact of a dirty, inefficient system. As your fan motor works harder to force air through your house, your fan and other components may fail prematurely. When this happens, it results in bills for repair calls you could have prevented.

A Voided Warranty

If your system is new enough that it’s still under warranty, you’ll want a licensed technician to perform spring maintenance to keep your warranty coverage intact. Most HVAC system manufacturers have stringent maintenance standards. If the owner performs the work, or if maintenance doesn’t occur frequently enough, the manufacturer may void the warranty.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Delayed maintenance causes dirty systems. This is especially true over the winter months when the only fresh air coming into the house is through your system. Dirty air filters, fans, ducts and coils push contaminants through your home.

Reduced Comfort and Safety

Routine maintenance makes your system function more efficiently, providing heating and cooling evenly throughout the house. During the maintenance session, your technician will also review the heat exchanger and other components that may create an unsafe carbon monoxide situation in your home.

If you wonder about maintenance options for your Whitehall home, one of our friendly technicians would be glad to discuss them with you. Reach out to us at Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc., today to get your own maintenance agreement.

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