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Dealing With Uneven Airflow

5 Reasons for Uneven Airflow in Your Home in Morgan, PA

Are you experiencing hot and cold spots scattered throughout your Morgan, PA, home this winter? If so, it sounds like your central heating system is having a hard time pushing hot air to all the rooms in your house and creating unbalanced temperatures. Here are five common reasons for uneven airflow in your home:

Clogged HVAC Filters

The first thing to check when experiencing airflow problems in your HVAC system is the air filter. When you don’t keep up with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance and replace air filters when necessary, they clog with dust, pet dander and other contaminants. That makes it harder for the air to flow through the system and wears out your heater much faster.

Blocked or Dirty Air Vents

Bookshelves and other furniture sometimes get moved in front of the air vents and registers in your home’s walls and floors. That can also create hot and cold spots, even in the same room. Many folks forget to clean those hidden vents over the years. As a result, dust builds up and reduces airflow.

Air Leaks in Ductwork

The ductwork in older homes gets worn out over the years and develops air leaks in some sections. Cold air then gets into your ducts and mixes with the heated air, so the air is already cold by the time it reaches the rooms furthest from the heater.

Closed Dampers and Registers

Many homes have adjustable dampers in the ductwork that need adjusting at different times of the year to redirect heated or cooled air to all parts of your home. But sometimes folks forget to readjust them in the winter. As a result, that reduces airflow to some rooms. Sometimes, homeowners will also manually close their adjustable air vents or registers in an unused room but forget to reopen them when needed.

Worn-Out or Malfunctioning Heater

Lastly, heaters wear out over the years. So, one or more components of your heating system will malfunction and need replacing eventually.

If your HVAC system is having a hard time balancing airflow in your home, it could be something simple like a dirty filter or closed register. But if your furnace isn’t working properly, contact Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. for heating repairs today.

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