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3 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace With a Heat Pump

Furnaces and heat pumps are HVAC systems that come in handy to produce warmth during the colder months. It’s more advantageous to use a heat pump rather than a furnace for your Whitehall, PA, home. Here’s why:


A gas furnace uses a combustion process to produce warmth for your home. Most people prefer this type of furnace because it warms their homes quicker than most electrical appliances. If the furnace isn’t burning the fuel efficiently, you may have a carbon monoxide leakage in your home.

On the other hand, a heat pump doesn’t use natural gas to heat your home. Therefore, you won’t experience any gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

More Versatility

If you decide to use a furnace to keep you and your family warm during the colder months, you’ll also have to buy an air conditioner for the cooler months. Purchasing and installing two different systems will cost you more. You’ll also pay more for maintenance costs.

A heat pump cools and warms your home. Therefore, you will only need to pay maintenance and installation costs for one system.

Better Energy Efficiency

A heat pump brings warm air from outside into your home during the cold season and transfers heat to the outdoors during the hot season. It doesn’t create heat. For this reason, the US Department of Energy notes that the system is more efficient than an air conditioner and a furnace. We can help you compare efficiency ratings and determine the best choice for you.

Don’t allow an inefficient system to deny you warmth during the cold season. Reach out to Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. for outstanding heating services. We will work on your system to ensure it serves you satisfactorily. You can depend on us to care for your comfort like it’s ours.

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