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3 Problems Caused By an HVAC System That Isn’t Level in Pittsburgh, PA

Your service technician installs your HVAC system on a level concrete pad. When the pad shifts or cracks, it affects the level of your system, hence interfering with its performance and lifespan. Here are several issues you will start noticing when your HVAC unit in Pittsburgh, PA, isn’t level:

Increased Wear and Tear

Your AC system may start vibrating more than usual and produce odd sounds when it’s not level. The vibration strains the AC parts, accelerating wear and tear. Frequent wear and tear leads to more air conditioner repairs.

These vibrations can also result in refrigerant leaks, which is why your unit isn’t cooling your home. In addition, excessive shaking can cause the air conditioner to further fall out of level, worsening the problem.

Higher Energy Bills

The compressor works optimally when your air conditioner is level. If it’s not, the compressor oil fails to reach all parts in the compressor.

The friction between these parts increases and the compressor may start overheating. In addition, the friction may cause its parts to start wearing out.

It’s easy for the refrigerant to move back to the house after releasing excess heat if the AC unit is level. Your air conditioner will consume more energy when the compressor struggles to move the refrigerant at an inclined angle.

Risk of Rust

Typically, the cooling process gives off some water. This water accumulates in a drain pan and then flows out. When your air conditioner tilts on one side, the water stagnates in the pan rather than flowing out.

Consequently, your system’s part starts rusting and biological growth starts flourishing. The rust damages the coils, interfering with the cooling process.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Level Your HVAC System

The leveling process requires you to understand the cause of the tilt, the type of soil and the degree of the tilt. A professional service technician will assess these situations and develop a permanent solution without interfering with your unit’s parts and performance. On the other hand, if you attempt to level your system, you may bend the coolant line and cause a refrigerant leak.

Reach out to Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. for comprehensive HVAC services. You can trust us to do the HVAC leveling for you because our service technicians possess high-level skills and extensive experience.

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