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changing furnace filter

Importance of Changing Furnace Filters

4 Reasons to Regularly Change Your Furnace Filter

As with most aspects of life, if you desire longevity, regular maintenance is necessary. Your furnace is no different, and luckily the maintenance required here is a simple change of filter. It’s so easy, that it’s often forgotten, but changing your furnace filter can ultimately save you money in the long run!

Below are four reasons to change your furnace filter regularly:

  • Efficiency: Changing the filter monthly will help your HVAC system to run as smoothly as possible. If the filter is clogged, your system will need to run harder to compensate for the blockage. This compensation can lead to your furnace running more frequently and longer than necessary. With the increased usage, your utility bills will begin to rise as well.
  • Air Quality: In addition to regulating the temperature of your home, your furnace also removes air contaminants. If your furnace filter is covered in dust or dirt, it’s not properly filtering the air you breathe. Breathing in these contaminants can result in worsened allergies or cold symptoms.
  • Reduce Costs: When your HVAC system is running harder than it should be, it can result in overheating. This overheating can cause burnout or system failure requiring a maintenance cost that you most likely weren’t anticipating. Routinely changing the filter will help you avoid furnace repair costs and will keep your system running smoothly for a longer period.
  • Longevity: Speaking of running smoother for longer, regular filter replacements will prevent the strain of overwork. This will avoid premature failure and will allow your system to continue working efficiently. In fact, one of the most common reasons for system failure is a clogged air filter. If the air filters are consistently clean and free of dust build-up, this will increase the life span of your furnace.

With winter approaching, your old or new furnace will be running more than usual to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. During this time, make sure to consistently check your furnace filter, at least once a month, for dust build-up. If you’ve replaced the filter, and it’s still not acting right, call us today to discuss whether you need a furnace repair, or possibly a new furnace altogether.

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