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Sheet Metal Fabrication

How Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Benefits Our Customers

Are you facing manufacturing challenges at your Bethel Park, PA, business that custom sheet metal fabrication can solve? Thanks to today’s advanced technology, companies have more options. Read on to learn more about how custom sheet metal fabrication services benefit local businesses.

Choose the Material and Design You Need

Have you struggled to find the metal parts you need in stores? Have you struck out finding them online? You’re not alone. Many companies across myriad industries have this problem. The advantage of custom sheet metal fabrication is you don’t have to spend hours conducting futile searches. When you work with a custom sheet metal fabricator, you choose the design and materials you need every time.

Save Time

You have deadlines to meet for your customers, and you need custom metal fabrication fast. You get this fast service when working with fabricators who use state-of-the-art systems like computer-operated plasma systems. These technologies allow for quicker and more accurate sheet metal construction. As a result, you won’t waste time waiting around.

Lightweight Projects

Lighter parts save your business money by cutting transportation costs. What’s more, they make your business money by increasing profit margins. Don’t mistake lighter parts for subpar materials. With custom sheet metal services, you’ll produce naturally lightweight yet strong materials using aluminum and manganese steel. Choose the metal that meets your project’s needs the most.

Custom-Fabricated Ductwork

HVAC industry professionals benefit greatly from custom sheet metal fabrication. Service technicians often need custom metal fabrication when installing new ductwork. Sometimes they require custom metal pieces to fit exact specifications when installing new air conditioning or heating systems.

Custom sheet metal forms and designs make it easier for you to find compatible parts for all your projects. You:

  • Get your hands on the parts your need faster.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Make your clients happier.

Are you searching for a local company that offers custom sheet metal fabrication? If so, call Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. to learn more about custom fabrication that meets your design and build needs.

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