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AC System Causes Higher Energy Bill

Is Your Energy Bill High Because of the AC System?

Running the air conditioner in Upper St. Clair, PA, will naturally cost you extra on your monthly bill. But the increase shouldn’t be unreasonably high. If it is, it may indicate an air conditioner in need of repairs. Here’s how your AC system can cause your energy bill to rise:

Leak in the Air Ducts

Have you had your air ducts sealed? It could be that the service technicians who installed your air conditioner did a poor job of sealing it. Or maybe the ducts have developed cracks and holes over time, and the insulation around the ducts may have become old and brittle.

Poor sealing, leaks and deteriorating insulation will let much of your cool air escape before it enters your home. This means longer cooling cycles, and with that, higher energy expenses.

Obstructions to Airflow

Any obstacle to air circulation, whether a dirty filter or a vent that you’ve blocked with a desk or a rug, will strain the air conditioner’s motor. The motor will work harder to deliver the same consistent amount of air to your rooms. This will reflect itself in your energy bill.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil absorbs heat from your home, but if a clogged filter lets dirt and debris into your air handler, these will cover the coil and prevent it from doing its job. Before you even realize that you need an AC repair, the coil will fail to cool your home. As with the issues mentioned above, the result is lukewarm air, longer cycles and a higher energy bill.

Backing Our Work With a Guarantee

Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. guarantees that you’ll love our work, whether you request repairs or maintenance, so call today for service in Upper St. Clair. Established in 1988, our company has a team of service technicians familiar with all makes and models, and we continually train them as technology advances in the HVAC industry.

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