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Does My Pittsburgh, PA Home Need New Ductwork?

The ductwork in a home is an integral part of your HVAC system that often gets overlooked. Ducts require cleaning every so often, and you also need to replace them after a period of time. Here are a few signs your Pittsburgh, PA home’s ductwork needs some attention.

Higher Energy Bills

Have you ever replaced or cleaned the ductwork in your home? Old ductwork can become dirty and clogged, resulting in your HVAC unit having to work overtime to cool your home. Old equipment can also become damaged and torn under your home, causing air to spill into your crawlspace and never even make it into your living space. In both of these instances, you’ll begin to notice higher monthly energy bills. If there are no apparent mechanical issues with your unit, this could signify a problem with your ductwork.

Dust and Dirt Buildup

Are dust and dirt beginning to build up around your air vent? Not only will you find yourself having to dust more often, but this will also create a serious health threat to those living in your home. Increased particles in the air can circulate pollutants and introduce new allergens into the air.

Increased Allergies and Sneezing

Dirt and dust can accumulate in your ducts and affect your home’s indoor air quality. If you’ve noticed yourself or your family sneezing or coughing more than usual, this could be a signal that your ducts need some cleaning.

Unbalanced Airflow

Have you noticed that some rooms in your home seem to get more air circulation than others? This could be a direct result of your ductwork. Ductwork can deliver air to one room but fails to disperse air due to clogged or ripped ducts.

Good ductwork can save you countless dollars in the long run. Make sure your HVAC system receives proper maintenance by giving Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. a call today.

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