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Repairing AC System

4 Dangers of an Unlevel AC System in Bethel Park, PA

The performance, efficiency and lifespan of an unlevel air conditioning system in Bethel Park, PA, can be negatively impacted by a number of risks and potential issues. The following are some risks due to an unlevel AC system:

Increase in Energy Usage

To produce the necessary cooling effect, an unlevel AC system frequently has to work harder than one that’s level correctly. The system must run longer cycles to make up for the unbalanced distribution of refrigerant and airflow, using more energy in the process. This increased energy use may result in greater electricity costs and unneeded stress on the AC system’s parts.

Drainage Problems

Condensate drainage issues may result from an AC system not leveled properly. It’s possible for the condensate drain line to become obstructed or misaligned, which could result in poor drainage or even stagnant water inside the appliance. Water leaks can happen from this, possibly resulting in damage to the surrounding areas, such as the walls, ceilings or flooring.

Safety Risks

An unlevel AC system may sometimes be dangerous. The risk of the unit toppling over and inflicting property damage or even injury to adjacent individuals increases if there is an imbalance. This is especially true for window-mounted or rooftop AC units, which are more prone to toppling if not properly leveled.

Increased Vibration

Uneven AC installation can result in severe vibrations during operation. Because there are more vibrations when an air conditioner isn’t level, it typically makes more noise. If the AC system is close to a living or working environment, this may bother and irritate people around.

Additionally, the vibrations can also damage the blower assembly, fan motor and compressor. Continuous shaking and movement might cause early wear and tear, resulting in decreased effectiveness and eventual breakdowns.

To identify and address any leveling concerns, routine maintenance is also essential, which includes testing the unit’s level. To avoid these dangers and ensure optimal performance, contact us at Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. to have a proper AC system installation.

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