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Bad Heating Repairs

Alarming Reasons to Schedule Heating Repairs

Surviving winters in Pittsburgh, PA, requires a heating system. Most homeowners use a furnace to stay warm and cozy when it’s freezing outside. Scheduling repairs when your heating system starts malfunctioning is vital to protect your family’s comfort. Here are five alarming reasons to schedule heating repairs immediately:

Burning Odors

A burning odor is never a sign of something good, especially when it’s coming from your heating system. Don’t ignore the problem if your furnace produces a burning odor. Doing so can increase the risk of fire in your house.

Banging Noises

Heating systems click as they turn on and off and hum while operating. These are normal sounds. But if you hear your heating system making loud banging, grinding or screeching noises, turn it off and schedule repairs. A minor issue can quickly grow into a major problem if you ignore it. It’s best to find and fix it as soon as you notice it.

Higher Heating Bills

We all know that heating costs have risen substantially in recent years. But if your energy bills are even higher without an apparent reason, it might mean you need heating repairs. Often, a heating system that cycles on and off too often will increase energy costs. Finding the underlying problem and fixing it should lower them.

Uneven Home Heating

Do some rooms in your house feel hotter or colder than others? An effective heating system will warm all areas of your house evenly. If you notice uneven heating, schedule repairs to enhance your whole-home comfort.

Pilot Light Problems

If you operate a gas furnace to heat your house, know that the pilot light should always burn blue. If yours is burning yellow or orange, turn the furnace off, leave the property and schedule heating repairs.

Don’t neglect your heating system and risk suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning this winter. Contact Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. to schedule a heating repair for your furnace or heat pump.

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