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3 Tips for Maximizing Heating Efficiency in West Mifflin, PA

Cold months in West Mifflin, PA, bring crisp temperatures, sometimes below freezing. And while running your heating system around the clock can help keep indoor climate nice and warm, you don’t want see your gas or electricity bill soar at the end of the month. Here are three tips on how to maximize the efficiency of your home heating system and ultimately lower your monthly expenses.

1. Upgrade to Higher-Efficiency Systems

Today’s lineup of basic heating systems run more efficient than furnaces and heat pumps installed a decade or two ago. If your home runs on an old and outdated system, consider upgrading to a newer unit. When you consult a professional HVAC contractor, he or she can walk you through the process of deciding which heating system, brand and model best fits your home and budget.

2. Schedule Maintenance in the Fall

Before winter weather arrives, it pays to schedule preventive maintenance with a professional. A routine tune-up can bring to light minor issues before they turn into expensive headaches. This process involves a comprehensive inspection of your heating system’s components, including the pilot light, thermostat, motor and motor belt, electrical wiring and coils.

3. Replace Your Filter

Replacing your heating system’s filter allows it to run unobstructed by dust and debris. After some time, your furnace’s filter accumulates too much fine particulate matter, including dirt, pollen and pet dander. Your furnace ends up working harder than it should in order to produce and distribute hot air.

If you are looking for more ways to maximize your heating system’s efficiency or wish to schedule a heating repair or installation in West Mifflin, PA, consult our team at Woodruff and Smith Heating and Cooling, Inc. today! We offer 24/7 emergency repair services and carry a wide selection of best-in-line HVAC hardware.

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