Furnace Repair in Bridgeville, PA Bethel Park, PA & Upper St. Clair, PA 

The hot and humid days of summer have passed and winter has begun to set in.  At Woodruff & Smith Heating and Cooling we want to ensure that you aren’t waking up to a cold home.  Even though furnaces are generally regarded as one of the most efficient and reliable heating systems on the market, they can still sometimes break down and require service.
Furnace Repair in Whitehall, PA Bridgeville, PA
We know that an old furnace or heat pump isn’t going to pick a pleasant Fall day to have a problem. It will probably be in the middle of a frigid winter month. As we know Whitehall, West Mifflin, Mt. Lebanon and all the Pittsburgh suburbs get chilly but, don’t worry, as we’re ready to serve you with a fast response, and accurate furnace repair. By accurate, we mean we properly diagnose a problem which saves you time and money. We care about our customers, and we never sell you equipment you don’t need, or recommend you fix older equipment that is about to die anyway. We can repair any type of furnace including electric, gas and propane powered systems. 

Some warning signs to watch for include a sudden increase in the amount of energy your furnace is using to get the same heating job done, strange noises coming from your furnace, and uneven or insufficient heating of your home. Especially if these symptoms are mild, it’s tempting to ignore them. But these types of problems will never go away on their own, and they will almost inevitably get worse.

Our team of HVAC contractors will get your furnace repaired quickly so you and your family can go back to enjoying the warmth of your home. All of our trucks are stocked with the most popular furnace parts and equipment so we can help you quickly solve the most common furnace and heating system problems.

Don’t Be Stuck In The Cold, If Your Furnace Breaks Down Call Woodruff & Smith Today!

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